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Cara Hazelton, MScKin

Cara Hazelton, MScKin

Owner and Principal Teacher

Cara Hazelton has been doing Pilates for more than 15 years, opening the Fredericton location of Precision Pilates in 2007. She has been a teacher trainer since 2014. Cara has more than 20,000 hours of hands-on teaching experience to guide you and your body to your goals, whatever they may be. Her experience is met with her spunky personality to make your Pilates session as much fun as it is work.

Cara has learned from many of the greatest Pilates teachers in the world. In addition to her original training with Clare Dunphy in Boston (A second generation teacher) she has attended more than ten Authentic Pilates Conferences in the last 7 years.

Cara’s Pilates expertise is met equally by her education in the field of human movement. Cara earned her Master of Science in Kinesiology (MScKIN) at the University of New Brunswick where she focused her studies on the epidemiology of back pain.

She hopes to work with government and private organizations to help reduce pressure on the current medical system by advocating for better use of allied health professionals and exercise programs

Lindsay Brewer

Operations Manager and Senior teacher

After many years in healthcare and many years with back issues, Lindsay was looking for a change. She was tired of going to work until she couldn’t stand the pain, and then going off work to rehab her back. She felt she was in a vicious cycle she couldn’t get out of. She knew she had to make changes, for herself and her family, to feel better.

Lindsay began private lessons with Cara and Carol and the rest is history. She completed her teacher training, became a part of the team, and now Pilates is a part of her every day. She feels better and moves better.

Outside of the studio Lindsay loves the outdoors, travelling, camping, and mostly just hanging out with her family.

Carol Illsley

Senior Teacher

When Carol walked into her first Pilates class with Cara she had no idea how much it would change her life. Having been involved in a serious motorcycle accident at 18 she was still grappling with permanent damage and chronic pain decades later.

Pilates literally helped her “Return to Life” as Joe said it. It was slow going at first but within 18 months Cara had her ready to take Pilates Teacher Training!

In 2011, following in Cara’s footsteps, she headed down to Boston and began her initial Teacher Training with Clare Dunphy. In 2014 Carol bridged with the Authentic Pilates Canada Comprehensive Teacher Training Program. In 2017 she returned to Clare Dunphy’s studio and completed the Advanced Teacher Training Seminars.

Carol has had the good fortune to attend conferences and workshops with some of the best, always taking advantage of the opportunity for private lessons. She truly loves helping people discover what Pilates can do for them too.

Lynne West

Senior Teacher

She loves Pilates!

Once she had retired from a 33-year career, one of Lynne’s goals was to focus on her fitness level. She was taking classes at Precision Pilates and decided to learn more by enrolling in the first Authentic Pilates Canada Comprehensive Teacher Training Program: “a fantastic experience”.

After graduating the program in 2014 she became an instructor at Precision Pilates and is now a senior teacher. She loves teaching and seeing how clients progress through the method. Be forewarned: it’s addictive!

Lynne likes the outdoors (when it isn’t freezing cold) walking, gardening, sailing, and enjoying nature. Another of her post retirement goals was to learn to play the violin; so far, she can only manage a mean air fiddle.

Sandrine Corbin

Senior Teacher

Sandrine served for 14 years as a Mechanical Engineer for the Royal Canadian Navy before deciding she needed a change. Physical Fitness had always been important for her: She was a gymnast and now enjoys swimming, cross-country skiing, and horseback riding.

Sandrine began taking Pilates lessons and classes with Cara in June 2013 and quickly realized the benefits of the method. She felt better after each workout and found relief from the lower back pain she had experienced since her teen years. Sandrine completed the Authentic Pilates Canada Comprehensive Teacher Training in March 2015 and is passionate about Pilates. She is thrilled to be teaching it as her second career. Sandrine is fully bilingual so can teach lessons in French for anyone who prefers.

Joan Allaby

Junior Teacher

Joan began her Pilates journey over ten years ago when she was suffering sciatic pain from a bulging disc. She was in her mid-forties, working full time, with children in school, and she couldn’t believe she might be limited by pain the rest of her life.

She’d been advised the best thing she could do was to strengthen her core. So when she saw an advertisement for private classes at Precision Pilates, she called our studio. She’s been practicing Pilates ever since.

Joan enjoys classical Pilates because it engages her mind as well as her body, requiring focus and control. Joan is now a Junior Teacher at Precision Pilates, having completed the Authentic Pilates Canada Comprehensive Teacher Training Program in June 2021.

When not at the studio, Joan likes to spend time in her garden, digging new beds and moving plants around. She’d love to buy a few acres of land, so she could really indulge her gardening obsession. It’s a good thing Pilates is great for gardeners!

Laurentia (Laura) Marica

Junior Teacher

Laura discovered Pilates a few years ago when looking for ways to alleviate her recurrent back pain. She is convinced now that you can be flexible and strong at any age.

Laura is a Junior Teacher, having graduated the Authentic Pilates Canada Comprehensive Teacher Training Program in the summer of 2021. She was born and raised in Romania and has been calling Fredericton home since 2004. Besides Pilates, Laura loves hiking, reading and good coffee.

Nina Milczarek

Junior Teacher

Nina discovered classical Pilates after sustaining injuries from highland dance and immediately fell in love with it. She became stronger than she had ever been in her twelve-year dancing career and pursued Pilates teacher training. It was evident that the Pilates system works, and she wanted to share this with others.

In 2017, at the young age of 16, she began her Mat Plus Teacher Training with Authentic Pilates Canada. She enjoyed working with young athletes experiencing the same struggles, but she wanted more and knew that exploring the entire Pilates system would bring exactly that. In 2019, she began the Comprehensive Teacher Training Program and never looked back.

Outside of the studio, Nina is a full-time student at the University of Ottawa, where she is completing her Bachelor of Health Sciences. Aside from Pilates, she loves cooking and good food, hiking and spending time with her dogs!

Michelle Cain

Junior Teacher

Michelle began as a student of Pilates lessons many years ago. She quickly realized she wanted to be a teacher and share the beautiful method that helped her so much. She completed the Authentic Pilates Canada Comprehensive Teacher Training Program in 2015. Michelle has been at Precision Pilates on and off since that time whilst also taking time to care for her family. Now, in the spring of 2022 she is back at the studio regularly teaching classes and private lessons. She loves helping clients reap all the benefits Pilates has to offer.

Michelle is enjoying her 60s as she practices Pilates regularly. When she isn’t in the studio Michelle loves hiking, biking, running, kayaking, snowshoeing, skiing and spending time outdoors in nature. Most important to her is taking care of her body so that she can remain strong and keep up with her grandchildren!

Eloise Forbes

Front Desk, Social Media Manager, and Mat Plus teacher

Eloise had been coming to Precision Pilates for almost 8 years. She took classes and private lessons before being recently hired on to take over social media for the studio and assist with office admin. Her’s is the friendly face behind our Facebook and Instagram platforms and many of your emails!

Even though Eloise took time off from Pilates here and there over the years, for instance to have her daughter, who is now 2.5 years old, she always found it something she continued to come back to. She had dabbled in yoga and other forms of exercise, but doing Pilates was what she loved and always stuck with.

She was so excited when the opportunity came up to be a part of the Precision Pilates team. After working long shifts and late nights for many years in the hospitality industry, she knew this could be the change she needed to regain her work-life balance and spend more time with her family.

Eloise is now also working on her apprenticeship hours towards completion of the Mat Plus teacher training program. She is in our Fredericton location, but assists with the Halifax location too!


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